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Customize It : custom home decor

Your Home is Personal


We love to personalize our designs to enhance your home  with unique home decor. We can easily change border colors, marbleizing types, paint a piece of furniture of your choice and even paint your favorite wildlife animal or plant species on canvas or to be printed on a pillow. We welcome your home decor ideas!

Custom refurbished hand painted furniture or canvas floorcloths.


We would love to take one of our current designs or create one for you on a floorocloth or piece of furniture to fit that perfect space in your home.  Custom floorcloths range from $40 to $50 a square foot with a $150.00 deposit and furniture is based on prep work and complexity of design at $20 an hour.

Custom Animal Portraits


We approach each painting as a portrait to personify each animal and create a intimate snapshot in time. Do you have a favorite animal, perhaps one you saw out in the forest, on the lake, by the sea or in the country? Let us bring that into your home and daily life. Our portraits on canvas start at $225. For custom images to be printed onto pillows without a canvas purchase, a minimum of 4 pillows and a design deposit of $50 that will be applied to product is required.