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Global Partners/Endangered Species Art


Earthwatch Chruchill Manitoba Fellowship

Mariette Designs Owner Kathleen is interested in the effects of Global warming on the Arctic Tundra and supports the research of world class scientists such as Lee Ann Fishback from the  Northern Science Studies Center. In Addition to many new designs based on the Arctic landscape and animals Mariette Designs is directly involved in creating community education and action to support the environment.


WildAid & World Land Trust

Marietter Desgins supports Global organizations that are in action to aid our wildlife. Wild Aid's mission is to dissolve and discourage markets for elephant tusks, Rhino Horns and Shark Fins, while World Land Trust buys hundreds of acres for animal migration corridors and safe eco systems. Your purchases of endangered species art and wildlife artwork makes this possible.


Art and Activism for the Planet

Here at Mariette Designs we believe in the great words of scienctist  Edward O. Wilson.  " We are the mind and stewards of the living world. ...It is simple and easy to say :do no further harm."  Our goal is to help  preserve the natural world for all future living beings by bringing awareness to the beauty and spirit of the nature through our Art . Kathleen has worked as a High School Art Teacher for the past 20 years committed to using the observation of nature and the innovation of science to act responsibly for ourselves and the greater good.